Increasing uptake of energy efficiency measures in small and medium sized enterprises


The EnergyEfficiency4SMEs Project aims at increasing the uptake of energy efficiency measures within SMEs. The project’s activities include capacity building by workshops, webinars and a knowledge platform on energy efficiency as well as technical assistance by energy audits and accompanying companies on their way to energy efficiency improvements. 

The project will focus on the sectors of Accommodation and Food services, Agri-food and Metalwork. 


Scoping studies

A scoping study will identify effective energy efficiency measures according to the different sectors targeted by the project. 

Energy audits

Energy audits will be offered for selected companies with significant energy efficiency potentials. 

Capacitiy Building

Companies are accompanied  and trained by workshops and webinars and materials on the e-learning platform. 


 A financial section on the knowledge platform helps finding customized funding opportunities fitting to the energy efficiency projects of companies.

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